Review of Ten For The Devil (A Murder Of Crows Book 1) by Deborah Mitton

The story starts as a typical crime drama, then takes several steps back to show you the history of the characters.
The novel is well crafted to portray the depth of the characters relationship and how their lives are all interwoven.
Michael – the sweet boy whom everyone loved, now Chief Inspector with Scotland Yard.
Daniel – his half-brother whom he hates simply because he was conceived.
Martha – Michael’s wannabe grandmother, his “Cookie”

Seth – the love child – a troubled boy, who turns criminal.
John – Seth’s father.
Edith – Seth’s stepmother who adores him and spoils him rotten – literarily.
And many others.
Seth is that one character in a book that readers love to hate. With this one, though you want to be sorry for him, you simply can’t. Not to say that people like that don’t exist in real life, but only for creating this one evil character, I would give the author 5 stars, because I imagine it wasn’t easy to create such horrifying scenes in such a vivid way.

The author gave each character their own unique identity, portraying good and bad, love and hate, loyalty and betrayal – genuine emotions that people have.
Though some scenes are violently descriptive, the book is well written, fast paced with well-developed characters and an unexpected ending.

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