Reader’s Favorite review for A Vacancy at the Inn by Alice Orr

5***** A Vacancy at the Inn by Alice Orr is a heartwarming, feel-good story.

Bethany Miller grew up with her two sisters, in Riverton—a small town in upstate New York. The Miller family, just like any other large family, is filled with drama and tension and at nineteen, Bethany moves to Chicago to escape the small town and the family dynamics. Ten years later she’s back. A single mother of nine-year-old Michael, she returns to Riverton hoping to take her son away from the big city and the wrong crowd he has begun to hang out with. Now more than ever Bethany needs her extended family to help an angry Michael adjust to this new lifestyle. But first she has to face her past, and that includes strong, sizzling feelings for Luke Kalli. Back in the day, she and Luke had a romantic encounter that stayed with her, but now seeing him again, reawakens a bunch of emotions that she doesn’t need. Not when she has to focus exclusively on her son.


A Vacancy at the Inn by Alice Orr is a quick but satisfying read. Through a mix of vividly descriptive scenes, emotional perceptiveness, some sexual tension between Bethany Miller and Luke Kalli, and a small measure of nail-biting suspense, Alice Orr masterfully and beautifully weaves the details of why Bethany left Riverton and why she comes back. A Vacancy at the Inn is a wonderful story filled with kind-hearted characters that will have the reader stay up late, turning pages.


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