My review for Peace, Love n’ Mud by Kraig Geiger on behalf of Reader’s Favorite

4**** Peace, Love n’ Mud by Kraig Geiger tells a young boy’s compelling life story. Born in North Miami Beach, Florida, Geiger tells his and his family’s tumultuous life story in almost a straight narrative manner, from before he was born to when he wrote Peace, Love n’ Mud, weaving the past into the present. In spite his not-so-easy childhood filled with angst and negativity, he manages to find his footing when he wakes up from a dream that seemed real. Geiger is unsure when his dream, to become a concert photographer, began. Perhaps it began when he first saw impressions of Woodstock ’69 at the age of eight, perhaps at the age of fifteen when he borrowed his father’s camera to photograph his very first rock n’ roll concert. Regardless, as the story follows him to New York, during the Woodstock ’94 Music & Art Fair, and other concerts, he never gives up to pursue his life dream.

Peace, Love n’ Mud, by Kraig Geiger, is a book about love, faith, hope, and redemption. Geiger masterfully brings the reader in the midst of his family’s ups and downs while demonstrating the life of a contographer and his role in the music industry along the way. He reveals powerfully that a dream doesn’t have to stay a dream. Blaming your parents for your short-comings would never solve your problems, but with enough love and determination anyone has the power to turn their dream into reality. The story could flow a little better with the help of an editor.

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