My review for Hellavey—book two in the New Breed series—by Lisa Vandiver on behalf of Reader’s Favorite

5***** Hellavey—book two in the New Breed series—by Lisa Vandiver is so much more than a gripping fantasy that puts the reader in the middle of a war between humans, Hellaveys, and Earth vampires.

Hellaveys, are a group of powerful creatures from another world brought to Earth by The Mist and ruled by Queen Santono and her two lovers, Prince Jeremy, and Waylona. While Detectives Alex Mosley and James Frazier try to solve a series of mysterious murders, completely unaware of a powerful enemy that is settling just outside their community, Keilwen, Prince of the Aspellian Kingdom, is also sucked into The Mist and brought to Earth, where he is reunited with his long-lost parents.

Though Hellavey by Lisa Vandiver is the second book in the series, it has enough background information that it can stand alone. Hellavey is a fantastic book complete with a made up Carasylian language. I can honestly say that I never read anything like it. Through vivid descriptions and characters with strong personalities, Vandiver delivers a terrifying cinematic tale of murder, desire, self-discipline, and sometimes, out of control circumstances. The city of Tonospon, surrounded by forest and eerie but breathtaking caves, is the perfect backdrop for the flurry of action that starts on the first page and lasts all the way through. The dynamics between these entities, each fighting for survival, hold puzzles that put everyone’s lives at risk. Vandiver’s imagination will take you far and beyond what you think you know when you first start reading this book.


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