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Welcome to Ica’s World, ladies and gentleman. This is another exciting day as I am touring with talented author Kennedy Claire and her romance, Annika’s Passion.

Kennedy Claire grew up in Northern California but left to see how normal people live, so she mistakenly settled in Austin, Texas among pseudo-cowboys, pick-up driving oil tycoons, and George W. Bush.

There, she was one of the last to study print journalism at the University of Texas, naively ignorant of the fact the print-anything would soon die a cruel, painful death at the hands of Amazon Kindle. Regardless, Kennedy was more interested in state politics, so she took a job at the Capitol and helped craft legislation which she believed would eventually foster world peace.

That didn’t quite work out the way she planned.

Burned out on politics and George W. Bush, she married a Cuban, had a few babies, RV-ed around the country, learned how to double-fry patacones in Panama, and started writing down all the stories floating around in her head.


Ica: This is quite an exciting life, Kennedy. So you settled on writing romance. Why romance?


Kennedy: Thanks, Ica, for saying I have an exciting life. I think anyone’s life is exciting when you distill it down to 300 words. Having written plenty of non-fiction in the past, my creative side longed to engage in prose. I started by writing a screenplay which was a comedy, but had a romantic subplot. I found I became more interested (and perhaps it was more interesting) in the romance than in the comedy. As women, romance is sorta of programmed into us. We see romance in everything, which is a fun way to live (sorry, men) because there is romance in everything: A beautiful sunset, cuddling with a baby, setting a table for dinner with wildflowers picked by your son. How could I not write romance?


Ica: ‭(‬Giggling‭) ‬All very good points,‭ ‬Kennedy.‭

Though Annika’s Passion is book 3 in series, this romantic novella was written as a stand-alone romance with a satisfying and happy ending and no cliff-hanger. You stated that Annika was an incredibly fun and interesting character to write. Can you explain?

Kennedy: Annika is beautiful, privileged and educated, and she has grown up in an environment that makes her somewhat of a commodity on the market regarding marriage. So she sees herself the same way. Like many women, she abuses her feminine power to get what she wants, but ultimately she realizes she’s selling herself short. Love – true love – can only be found when we are ourselves, because it exists when we are loved for who we are and not because we have mastered the art of manipulation. What makes her fun to write is that I threw her into an environment and situation that makes it impossible for her to continue in her shallow ways, and then tossed a hot guy at her who resists her manipulations. He hates women like her. So naturally, they fall in love. (Romantic irony!)


Ica: The best part of being an author is you can dictate (to a point) the path your characters take. Thank you so much for being here today, and good luck with your writing.


And now, ladies and gentleman, let the tour begin. Kennedy will be available to answer any questions you might have, between 10:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. PT.

And, to make the day even more special, one lucky visitor will go home with an electronic copy of Annika’s Passion. All you have to do is follow the link to Kennedy’s Facebook page and drop a “Like” and we will announce the winner at the end of the tour.

Good luck.


And now here is the blurb for Annika’s Passion: Now that her best friend has found happiness, Annika Bashir is bursting in anticipation for her own happily ever after.

Just one problem: Spoiled, shallow and utterly vain Annika is engaged to a boorish, “family-approved” lawyer who wouldn’t know how to please a woman with an illustrated set of detailed instructions in hand. He’s perfect on paper, but a real letdown in reality. But as long as he keeps handing over his Black American Express card for her frequent shopping excursions, she doesn’t seem too bothered by the lack of passion between them.

Enter Dr. Kiran Patil, a handsome, stoic surgeon at a charity hospital who rocks Annika’s world—and entire worldview—when she breaks her ankle during a short trip to India. But this doctor doesn’t do shallow, and scorns vapid women with an affinity for Gucci handbags and extravagant shopping trips.

Will he scorn Annika also? Or will he become seduced by the woman she has become during her trip to exotic and mystical India, which seems to have the power to peel back her shallow layers and reveal intense passions buried deep down inside?

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