In my former life, I had a few successful jobs, but it’s writing that lights my fire. Being passionate is about curiosity, stepping out of comfort zone, pushing your limits, filling the void that you know is there. I don’t just create stories; I travel with my characters and create worlds that I wish existed.

Having said that, I’m painfully aware that the world doesn’t owe me a writing career simply because I’m passionate about it. It’s why I must work hard and improve every day. I take constructive criticism seriously, dissecting it until I’m satisfied that I did everything possible to make the story better.

I grew up an only child and reading was a requirement, not a choice. From a young age, my parents tried to instill in me the importance of education and slowly, I discovered the magic of creating worlds and happy endings.

My language and literature teacher once told me that I was cut to be a writer, so I shouldn’t bother trying to be a good housewife. Unsurprisingly, I ignored her suggestion, took the path most traveled and worked for a paycheque. Publishing didn’t cross my mind until a bitter divorce occurred in my family. While going through divorce, people act in a way they wouldn’t normally act under any other circumstances, and though at first it was my way to cope, I quickly realized that this was the story. It was then that I began breathing life into Unsung Victims and its sequel, Resilience.

Since then I have published several other books – two of which are award winners. I am a very good listener. I actually listen when people talk, and I think that is my greatest journalistic tool. That is how I create my characters, how I make them sound realistic. It’s how I make the dialog in my books sound realistic. Creating characters and worlds is where I’m comfortable, and hearing back from my readers is the best reward I could ask for.

My paranormal (romantic) thriller, She Never Got To Say Goodbye, won bronze at WBS 2015. In 2014, I won 3rd place at Tallenge short story competition. Also in 2014 my romantic novel – Boundaries – was an award-winning finalist at World’s Best Story.

In 2015, one of my short stories, The Ring, was published in a collection of short stories written by Canadian authors, titled “Wherever We Roam”. The book is part of the national collection at Library and Archives Canada for preservation in Canada’s documentary history.

Between 2012 and 2015 I wrote for Examiner.com about parenting and other social issues. My achievements at Examiner include 24 trophies – from Picture Perfect to TGIF Top Dog to Media Master.

3rd Place Winner2015

She Never Got To Say Goodbye

When Olivia traded her promising career for a more domestic lifestyle, she expected many things but never to see ghosts, much less be one. Suspenseful, romantic and awash in the afterlife thrill – Bronze Winner at World’s Best Story 2015.



With her new job, Gabriela Parson got more than she bargained for. A romantic suspense that will keep you at the edge of your seat – Finalist at World’s Best Story, 2014.


2aResilience – The Sequel

Johanna White’s custody troubles are over…or the least of her problems. Her ex-husband is dead, his girlfriend is missing, and Johanna is the only suspect. Reviewers call it “a movie waiting to happen.”


1abUnsung Victims – The Prequel

When Johanna married Louis, they said, “forever” but their meaning was polls apart.

“Psychological drama at its best.” ~Amazon Reviewer~ Unsung Victims will educate readers about a serious issue in divorce court.



When Sofia Bellrosi wakes up in the hospital following a car accident which kills both her parents, she has amnesia, a string of unexplained nightmares, and a husband she doesn’t remember.

“a thoughtfully portrayed love story with a darkly menacing background theme.” ~Amazon Reviewer~