A Review for Touching The Wire

The atrocities of WWII are never something I look forward to reading, though I know the history of Europe inside out.
This book was recommended by a friend and now I know why.
Touching The Wire is a true psychological drama, mystery, and romance, all in one. It is without a doubt one of the best fictional books in this genre – well researched, stimulating and engaging.
The characters are all but jumping off the pages, complete with flaws and capabilities we expect we find real people.

The dialogue feels real, with some occasional translation, but this doesn’t distract the reader.
The plot is well researched, some scenes are graphic, but it is done extremely well.
It starts in a death camp in 1940’s Poland and the story jumps back and forth between an old man’s post war memories and his devastating firsthand experiences within the Jewish concentration camps of World War Two.
The author sets up part two of the book by using the old man’s flashbacks while crafting several woodcarvings in preparation for his post-death recovery.
Part two of the book is set in present-day England when the old man’s adult granddaughter stumbles across one of his carvings, and she becomes determined to find the rest and to understand their combined meaning but in the process she uncovers shocking secrets about the gentle, loving, man whom she knew as her grandfather.

All and all, very well written book using Jewish Holocaust as its setting.

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