Sacred Choices by Karen Hulene Bartell

Karen Bartell was an enjoyable and intriguing day’s reading. I especially enjoyed all the history and culture woven into the story, as well as the exotic location. I love learning new things while enjoying good fiction. Her look at the issue of abortion was very thorough, examining many of the difficult and emotional issues surrounding this decision. The ending was satisfying without being too pat, which I appreciate. I admit I wasn’t sure until it was over how it was going to end, which is always a mark of a well-planned story. Definitely worth a read

Ceren gets pregnant – an unplanned pregnancy – and she needs to make a decision. Judith has had an abortion in the past and she uses her experience to assist Ceren in her struggles with her decision. While trying to help Ceren, Sister Pastora also tries to help Judith make peace with her past and perhaps help herself deal with her own past in the process.
A captivating read. Karen Hulene Bartell writing style amazes me. Sacred Choices is a book where art meets religion and the author handled the sensitive topic incredibly well and unprejudiced.
Through its three main characters who lead very different lives and have very different opinions, the book has a powerful message about choices, experiences, influences, love and forgiveness. Once you’ve read it, you can’t help but be tempted to look at your own life and the choices you’ve made.


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