My review for The Elixir of Freedom by M. R. Neer on behalf of Reader’s Favorite

5***** The Elixir of Freedom by M. R. Neer is a mythological fantasy.

Ravi’s twin brother, Vik, is captured by the Mine Master’s men and taken to work in the coal mines. Ravi needs to save him, but how, without getting trapped himself in the mine? He wants to go and talk to the Master, but his father, Kristof, convinces him that’s a bad idea. He suggests seeking help from the old legends of Raam instead. As Ravi learns about the secret of the Heart of the Sun, he goes on a journey that takes him deep into the forest where he discovers a powerful potion, made of sap and sunlight. The potion is believed to be the answer to his brother’s freedom and possibly more.

The Elixir of Freedom by M. R. Neer is a captivating tale of intrigue, love, and danger in a world where fantasy is woven into reality. Gripping, clean, and character-driven with a unique premise and skilled writing, the story draws you in from the first page and takes you on a magical journey. I liked the idea of fighting the darkness with the light. Deep down we all know that is the only possible way to overcome our fears, doubts, and bigotry. I especially liked Ravi and Verda’s journey to find the light. Through their determination and powerful love, Ravi and Verda inspire us to examine our own lives and try to find our own internal light that could lead us to a better existence.

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